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Racketts Archery Club was formed on 10 June 1985. Since that time however many members have come and gone but the values of the club remain the same. It was the intention to have a 'Family Orientated' club that was 'open and friendly' which promoted and encouraged the sport of Archery. We still maintain these standards and whilst being 'open and friendly' are competitive when it comes to competitions. Club membership is a maximum of approx. thirty members.

The most popular bow shot at Racketts is the 'recurve' type but we also have members that shoot the 'compound' bow and the traditional 'longbow'. Predominantly we are a target club and shoot under Archery GB regulations, but a few members also belong to NFAS (National Field Archery Society) and enjoy 'field' archery.

James Hornsby School, Laindon, is used for indoor shooting during winter months (Oct.-Apr. approx). Meeting Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings. Additionally to club shooting we host 2 open indoor competitions yearly.

Access to our outdoor summer venue is 7 days a week which is near Dunton Flyover (A127). Whilst it is only approx. 10 mins from James Hornsby School there will be a need to have transport.

When people join a club they have to abide by the regulations set down by GNAS. Most Archery clubs do not have individual liability insurance and use the insurance provided by GNAS, so when new members join our club we are able to offer them, under GNAS regulations, six lessons at a cost of 30. This provides the new member with temporary insurance cover but after this the full GNAS fee must be paid yearly.

There is a training application form which can be found within the Contacts Page or you can email us with any further questions.

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